Seminar for Researchers in Sweden
24 MAY | kl. 11:15

How can we effectively use AI for research?

Attend a free online seminar on how to improve your research effectiveness with AI and Avidnote. Topics covered includes: 

• An overview of using AI in research 

• Tips and strategies for leveraging AI in research 

• Free AI tool for writing, data analysis and reading.

• Transcribe interviews/audio automatically with AI.

We encourage all researchers to participate in this event. It is a great opportunity to learn more about AI and how to use it effectively in research.

Click here to register | Date: 24 MAY at 11:15-12:00

What is Avidnote?

Avidnote is a digital platform developed by Swedish researchers. It enables you to read and write papers more effectively. 

How to register

1) Click on the register button.
2) Fill in your name and email.
3) You should receive a confirmation from Microsoft Teams that you have registered for the online seminar.

Not working? If the link is not working, please contact us and we can send you the meeting link directly.

Can’t attend on this date? There is another opportunity on 25 MAY, click here for more info.


Abderisak Adam is an Avidnote specialist and holds a PhD in in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.

He focuses on digitalization and innovative solutions in academia and R&D.

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