Johns Hopkins University & Avidnote

Avidnote is a digital platform and note-taking system designed for academia. Students at Johns Hopkins University are eligible for a free Avidnote Professional account. Avidnote Professional offers more storage space and access to more functionalities.

Claim your Avidnote Professional upgrade by signing up (or signing in) below. You’ll need to use a valid Johns Hopkins University email.

How to claim your free upgrade for JHU students

1) You will need a valid JHU email adress.

2) Simply register a free account on Avidnote here.

3) Once you have done that, contact us through the contact form and we will upgrade you for free to a premium account. 

Avidnote overview

Avidnote is a digital platform for researchers and academics. It enables you to take notes of your research papers, essays as well as to analyze data, and organize your studies.

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