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Annotate & Mark Papers

Avidnote enables you to quickly take notes of your research articles, highlight text on one side and take notes on the other.

Write faster with AI

Use Ai to write faster, read and analyze papers, interpret data, and much more. Your Ai research assistant.

Quick note-taking & more

Take notes quicker with Avidnote. Either upload PDFs or search for research papers directly within Avidnote and start taking notes immediately.

All Your Research Notes in One Place Online

Enables researchers to take more efficient notes.

Where your research lives

Keep all of your research notes, lab notes, field notes and study notes secure, organized, easily searchable and always accessible.

Effective organization

Organize your research using tags. Sort papers by research area, people or any category of your choosing by using tags.

Ai for Research

Use our AI templates for writing, methodology, reading, data analysis, publication and more.

Used by researchers from 100+ universities​

Here are some of the universities that our users come from

Use AI to supercharge your research

Simply select a preset AI template to finish your research tasks quickers.

Analyze data

Input your data and let the AI analyze it for trends, insights and correlations.

Proofread text

Ai proofreads your academic writing, revises your text and provides suggestions.

Explain this

Input text and AI explains it to you in easy language. 

and more

Generate research questions, keywords for literature search, survey/interview questions and more.

Summarize text

Summarize text easily and with high degree of accuracy.

Write anything

Use templates for writing abstracts, results, method section and more.

Use AI to improve your research writing

Craft impressive research papers with the help of AI. Our AI is customized for researchers. Write faster and improve the quality of your writing.

Write Literature review

Ai generates a literature review based on your input.

Rewrite text

Ai helps you rewrite your text, and provides insights on how to improve it.

How to get Started

It is easy to get started using Avidnote.


Sign up for Free

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Upload a document

Upload a PDF or a document (Word, Powerpoint, Excel-file) that you want to study.


Start note-taking

As soon as you've upload a paper, you can start taking notes on one side and read your paper on the other. You can also use the AI functionalities.

The digital platform for researchers

Avidnote is used by scientists and professionals from a wide range of different disciplines.

Pricing & Plans for Academia

View plans below & get started for free.

Yearly 2 months off - buy yearly


  Use AI 10 times/month

  1 GB storage

  Collaborate with max 1 user

  Regular support

No credit card required


  Use AI 30 times/month

  5 GB storage

  Collaborate with max 1 user

  Premium support

Upgrade by signing up for a free account and go to billing in the settings to choose a plan.



  20 GB storage

  Collaborate UNLIMITED

  Premium support

Upgrade by signing up for a free account and go to billing in the settings to choose a plan.

For students or groups, we offer significant discounts. Contact us for more info.

Multiple licenses

To get Avidnote for a group or an entire organization, contact us for more info.

Can we work together on Avidnote?

Yes, if you want to use Avidnote to collaborate with more than one person, you will need to buy a premium account. Please contact us for more information or if you need to use Avidnote for larger groups.

Do I need to install anything?

No, Avidnote is entirely web based which means that you won’t need to download or install anything. Instead, your notes will be easily accessible by logging in into the web app.

Can I backup my notes?

Yes, you have the ability to write, edit, delete or backup your notes at any time that you choose. You may then download the backup file to your computer.

What about security?

We take the security of your notes seriously. We store your data securely and store them on secure EU data centers that are SSL compliant.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for:

A - Students (including PhD students). Contact us for more info.

B - Group of users, the bigger the group, the bigger the discount.

Can you show me how to use Avidnote?

Yes, you can get in touch to book a free demonstration of Avidnote for your group or department. 

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