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Avidnote is a note-taking tool for researchers. Easily write and organize your research papers. Get started for free.

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Annotate & Mark Papers

Avidnote enables you to quickly take notes of your research articles, highlight text on one side and take notes on the other.

Secure and Searchable

Your notes are stored securely. Easily search through all of your research notes and never worry about misplacing your notes again.

Quick note-taking & more

Take notes quicker with Avidnote. Either upload PDFs or search for research papers directly within Avidnote and start taking notes immediately.

Used by researchers from 100+ universities​

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How is it different from Mendeley, Zotero etc?

Avidnote differentiates itself from reference management software such as Mendeley or Zotero by focusing on the note-taking aspect. 

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  10 GB storage

  1 Shared Team Account

  Premium support

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Research Group

  Several accounts

  10 GB / user

  1 Shared Team Account

  Premium support

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