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Organize Research for Enterprise

Improve productivity for your R&D teams with Avidnote: a note-taking tool for researchers. Write, organize and collaborate on your documents & research.

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Avidnote has been used by professionals & RnD teams around the world. It’s a note-taking tool developed for research, science and R&D work. 

Collaborate on your work

Read and annotate your documents, reports and papers individually or together with your team.

Effective note-taking

Avidnote makes the research process more efficient. Read and write at the same time. No need to switch between your PDF and your text.

Organize all of your research

Organize all of your research, and quickly find any note that you have made.

For all of your research needs

Who is Avidnote for?

Avidnote can be used by any professional in need of organizing their research notes and documents. Our users come from a wide range of different diciplines. Here are some examples:

  • Science

    Scientists and R&D

  • Legal

    Lawyers & paralegals

  • Marketing

    Market researchers

  • Operations

    Project Managers

  • Financial


  • Other


Whether you are in pharma, food science, agritech, or industrial tech, Avidnote can help you keep track of your research documents.

Example of documents that you can annotate in Avidnote.

  • Scientific papers
  • Lab reports
  • Technical documents

Avidnote makes it easier for lawyers to annotate and organize their legal documents.

Example of documents that you can annotate in Avidnote.

  • Briefs
  • Contracts
  • Other legal documents

With Avidnote, marketers and consultants are aided in the process of conducting market research. 

Example of documents that you can annotate in Avidnote.

  • Market research papers
  • White papers
  • Reports

As a project manager, you can upload and manage your entire teams documentation. Avidnote makes it easy to get an overview of your teams documents and collaborate seamlessly.

Example of documents that you can annotate in Avidnote.

  • Business reports
  • Research papers
  • Project plans

Avidnote enables you to upload and annotate documents that you need for your accounting tasks.

Example of documents that you can annotate in Avidnote.

  • Annual reports
  • Financial statements
  • Accounting docs

Avidnote helps all professionals with annotating and organizing their business documentation. 

If you’re interested in learning how Avidnote could help you and your team write and organize your business documents, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.

Improved collaboration for your existing R&D teams

Avidnote enables you to work together with your research documents in an interface that is customized for the research process. 

Integrated platform

Keep up to date with new scientific papers, take notes, and organize your research.

Collaborative experience

Share and edit research notes seemlessly within your teams. 

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How Avidnote Helps Hidroxa Manage Their Technical Documentation​

Read this new case study on how Avidnote supports Hidroxa in their documentation needs and R&D process. 

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Jimmy Eriksson
COO and Electrical Engineer @Hidroxa

Avidnote is a great tool to take notes on and organize our technical documentation.

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    Avidnote has a growing community of scientist, R&D researchers and business professionals from different fields, all over the world. 

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