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Acquire Avidnote for your team or department

Avidnote has been used by research groups & scientists around the world.

Collaborate on your research

Keep track of your research together using Avidnote.

24/7 Hour Support

All of our plans come with premium support. We assist you when you need it.

Can we work together?

Yes! Simply share your document to your team members. They will be able to read your notes and add their own notes.

Avidnote makes it easier to work together with your documents in one platform.

Can we use our individual accounts or a group account?

You can use both. If you buy a group license, you will get a shared group account + individual premium accounts for the number of purchased licenses.

How does a group account work?

The shared group account is given in addition to the individual licenses. A group account functions like a normal Avidnote account, but it can be used by several users. This is to facilitate work for research groups that wish to have a separate account where they can share their research notes.

How much does it cost?

If you are purchasing for a larger group or for enterprise, please contact us for a specific quote.