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Write & Organize Your Study Notes

Registered kår members of Karlstad Studentkår can get Avidnote Premium for free. Register below and use the code KAU to get Avidnote Premium for free.

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How to get Avidnote Premium for Free

All members of Karlstad Studentkår get Avidnote for free. Join Avidnote and use the code KAU to get free premium.

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What is Avidnote?

Avidnote is a note-taking tool for academics. Easily write and organize your studies, reports, course material and more. Kår members get premium for free. 

To learn more about Avidnote, watch the video above or read more below.


Kår membership

Make sure you’re a member of the student association (Karlstad Studenkår). If you’re not a member, you need to join kåren first.


Register on Avidnote

Register for a free account on Avidnote. Once you’ve registered, go to settings > billing > select premium plan and enter the coupon code KAU. Once you submit, your premium account is active.



If you need any help getting started, don’t hesitate to contact us and check out the help guides here.

Thanks for being apart of Karlstad Studentkår and Avidnote ?.

Avidnote is recommended by several universities on their websites, including:

Annotate & Mark Papers

Avidnote enables you to quickly take notes of your study material, highlight text on one side and take notes on the other.

Secure and Searchable

Your notes are stored securely. Easily search through all of your research notes and never worry about misplacing your notes again.

Quick note-taking & more

Take notes quicker with Avidnote. Either upload PDFs or search for research papers directly within Avidnote and start taking notes immediately.

All Your Study Notes in One Place Online

Enables researchers to take more efficient notes.

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Where your studies live

Keep all of your study notes, lecture notes, field notes and research notes secure, organized, easily searchable and always accessible.

Effective organization

Organize your studies using tags. Sort documents by area, person or any category of your choosing by using tags or by creating projects.

Seemless Integration

Avidnote enables you to read and write at the same time, work with your notes and keep track of your references, in one integrated platform.

Overview of Avidnote - all notes view

Used by researchers from 100+ universities​

Here are some of the universities that our users come from



Writing a thesis, report or an essay?

Avidnote can be used together with your reference management software, including Mendeley and Zotero. You can import or export your bibliography to any citation manager of your choosing. 

Integrated platform

Find your papers, take notes, and keep track of you references.

Focus on writing

Our unique interface allows you to take notes quicker, and keep track of your notes.

How to get Started

It is easy to get started using Avidnote.

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Sign up for Free

Use the signup button above to get started using Avidnote.


Upload a PDF article

Upload a PDF paper that you want to study.


Start note-taking

As soon as you’ve upload a paper, you can taking notes on one side and read your paper on the other.

Can we work together on Avidnote?

Yes, it is possible to work in groups and create shared projects. Simple share your files or your project with your group members.

Do I need to install anything?

No, Avidnote is entirely web based which means that you won’t need to download or install anything. Instead, your notes will be easily accessible by logging in into the web app.

Can I backup my notes?

Yes, you have the ability to write, edit, delete or backup your notes at any time that you choose. You may then download the backup file to your computer.

Can PhD student use this deal?

Yes, if you are a member of the student association, you can also get Avidnote for free by using the code above.

Haven’t got your answer?  Contact our support now

Start taking better notes today

Become part of the growing list of researchers that use Avidnote to write and organize their research.

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