Pricing for Academia

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Monthly Save 2 months!


  Free license

  50 MB storage

  1 collaborator

  Regular support

   No shared team account

No credit card required


  1 Premium Account

  10 GB storage

  1 Shared Team Account

  Unlimited collaborators

  Premium support

Upgrade by signing up to a free account and go to billing in the settings. For large groups, we offer discounts, please contact us for more info.
Research Group

  Several Premium Accounts

  10 GB / user

  Several Team Accounts

  Premium support

  Unlimited collaborators

  Discount for big groups

Can we work together on Avidnote?

Yes, if you want to use Avidnote for more than one person, you will need to buy a premium account. Please contact us for more information or if you need to use Avidnote for larger groups.

Do I need to install anything?

No, Avidnote is entirely web based which means that you won’t need to download or install anything. Instead, your notes will be easily accessible by logging in into the web app.

Can I backup my notes?

Yes, you have the ability to write, edit, delete or backup your notes at any time that you choose. You may then download the backup file to your computer.

What about security?

We take the security of your notes seriously. We store your data securely and store them on secure EU data centers that are GDPR & SSL compliant.

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Do you want to get Avidnote for your research group or university?

If you’re acquiring Avidnote for larger groups, we offer significant discounts. Contact us for more info.

Acquire Avidnote for your team or department

Avidnote has been used by research groups & scientists around the world.

Collaborate on your research

Keep track of your research together using Avidnote.

24/7 Hour Support

All of our plans come with premium support. We assist you when you need it.

Yes! Simply share your document to your team members. They will be able to read your notes and add their own notes.

Avidnote makes it easier to work together with your documents in one platform.

You can use both. If you buy a group license, you will get a shared group account + individual premium accounts for the number of purchased licenses.

The shared group account is given in addition to the individual licenses. A group account functions like a normal Avidnote account, but it can be used by several users. This is to facilitate work for research groups that wish to have a separate account where they can share their research notes.

If you are purchasing for a larger group or for enterprise, please contact us for a specific quote.