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Avidnote as your ERN

Avidnote can now be used as an Electronic Research Notebook. You can now manage your all of your research data, documents, notes and papers in one integrated platform. 

Organize Your Research

Avidnote enables you to write and organize all of your research in one place. You can write your research notes, add your references, and annotate your research papers or research data in an interface that is designed for academic writing.

Annotate research papers

Write your notes on one side and read your paper on the other. No need to switch between your PDF and your notes.

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Manage your research data

Avidnote now supports multiple file formats, from PDF files to Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excell as well as images. Annotate your research data quickly and easily.

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Works with Reference Managers

You can save your references inside Avidnote, or continue using your existing reference manager. Avidnote is compatible with Mendeley, Zotero and EndNote.

Avidnote and Mendeley

Supports collaboration

Invite your research team to Avidnote and take notes together on your research data, papers and more. You can collaborate in either shared work spaces or by sharing individual documents or research projects.

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All your documents

Manage all of your research docs, from lecture slides to research grant applications inside Avidnote.

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