How to use Avidnote

Use the tabs to the right to learn how to use the different features of Avidnote. 

To upgrade/downgrade your account, go to the settings page by clicking on your username in the top left sidebar. From there you can click on billing to change your account type. Premium accounts have unlimited number of articles and larger file storage.

To add a new paper, you can upload a PDF file either manually by clicking on the “Upload papers PDF” button in the left sidebar (recommended) or by searching for a paper on the research database. You can perform this search by typing in the search bar in the top left sidebar.

Tags are a powerful way to organize your papers and notes. 

Create a tag

Click on a PDF paper that you have uploaded and inside the PDF view, click on the tag icon above the left text editor. From there, write your tags, click enter and then save before closing the window.

Filter using tags

Go back to the All Notes view, your created tag will be shown in the right side. You can use the same tag for different papers. If you click on the tag, it will sort your papers based on that tag.

Delete tags

Go back to the All Notes view, select the tag you wish to delete, and then click on the trash can that appears.

    Tag papers by topic
    Tag papers by their authors
    Tag papers by status (read, already read)
    Tag papers by version (draft1, draft2 etc)

1. Export references from Zotero/Mendeley

Before you can import your references to Avidnote, you need to export your references from Mendeley/Zotero as a BibTeX file (see below for details).

2. Import to Avidnote

You can import your reference library by clicking on the import reference button in the left sidebar and select the BibTeX file that you exported.

Please note that there might be a restriction on the number of papers depending on your subscription. 

// Exporting from Zotero

To export your references from Zotero, go to Zotero and click on the menu item File and then click on Export and choose BibTeX as your file format. Only the reference information (not PDF) will be exported. You can then import this file into Avidnote by clicking on the Import references button in Avidnote.

// Exporting from Mendeley

Use the ‘Export All’ option that you find in the file menu and select the BibTeX formats. Only the reference information (not PDF) will be exported.


    Free accounts are limited to 12 articles
    Upgrade to get unlimited articles

You can export your references in the settings page, under ‘manage my data’. These references can be imported into your reference management apps (e.g. Zotero/Mendeley). 

Similarly you can export your notes under manage my data and download them as an Excell file.

    Export notes for backup purposes
    Export references to Zotero/Mendeley etc

To add/edit reference information to a specific paper, you can click on the small gear icon, and from there you can edit the citation info and click save.

    Update citation for manually imported papers
    Papers imported from search contain citation info
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