Thesis defense: tips and know-how

If you are preparing to defend your thesis, you’ve come to the right place! This guide explains some pointers to consider when preparing for your thesis defense, both prior and during the thesis presentation. Before we can begin discussing some tips and best practices for preparing a thesis defense, we first need to define and […]

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6 Words to Guide Your Writing

This is a nice little tip that I picked up from the journalist profession but it’s useful in academia as well. It goes back to a poem written by Nobel Laureate Rudyard Kipling. In this poem, he talks about the 6 words that guide his writing and his exploration into the world of literature. I’ll […]

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When to take notes during a lecture

I discovered some interesting advice today from the Penn State Learning  website. The advice was in regards to when to take notes during a lecture. I thought I would turn the points that were mentioned into an infographic (see below), in order to make it more digestible. In summary, make sure to take notes if […]

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