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Managing your reading list with Avidnote

You know that feeling? You’ve just downloaded 20 papers and haven’t begun reading any of them. Each...

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Big Changes to The Free Version of Avidnote

We’ve made some big changes to the Avidnote plans in the past month. ✍️ Changes to the...

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Avidnote – now part of OpenAI private beta

We are excited to take part in the OpenAI private beta and begin integrating GPT-3 technology into...

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What is action research

What is action research? Social psychologist Kurt Lewin is credited with developing the field referred to as...

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How do I write a Chicago style research paper?

Introduction to Chicago style research paper. In 1937 Kate Turabian at the University of Chicago developed and...

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How can we determine if a source is scholarly?

What are scholarly sources? Sources that are defined as scholarly are written by people within academia, commonly...

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