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Big Changes to The Free Version of Avidnote

We’ve made some big changes to the Avidnote plans in the past month.

✍️ Changes to the free plan

The free plan used to be restricted to 12 articles, in the new update, the free plan is now no longer limited by number of articles. You can upload as many articles as you want within the storage space limit of 300 mb.

✔️ Changes to the premium plan

The premium version now has more storage space, it has now increased from 1 GB to 10 GB per account.

With a premium account, you are given a shared team account in addition to your individual pro account. This shared team account allows you to work together with other users who have a pro account. For groups of 4 or larger, we offer discounts, contact us for more info.

✔️ Changes to functionalities

To give you more space to work, we automatically closed the annotation bar that shows up in the PDF when you click on it. You can still manually open the annotation bar by clicking on the annotation symbol.

? Upcoming changes in future updates

  • The ability to create folders/projects where you can store specific research notes and documents.
  • Ability to create several different notes and connect them to one paper.
  • Ability to add several papers to one note.
  • A separate tab to add your research data, images and files.
  • Ability to share your notes, project and documents to someone else by clicking on a share button.
  • Integrating AI (GPT-3) to automatically summarize papers for you, and much more (click here to read more)
  • Inserting LaTeX code in the text editor
  • Bug in need of fixing: when users get a paper directly from Avidnote search, sometimes an error message is show. However, if you refresh the page, the PDF document has been added.

☝️ Do you have any other suggestions for improvements?

If you have any feedback on things that need to be improved, let us know by clicking here.