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Improve your writing and publishing skills. These guides are produced by Avidnote. It’s a free web-based app that helps researchers write & organize their research notes effectively online. Click here to learn more.

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Avidnote is the new digital tool for writing and organizing your research notes. Become a more effective researcher.

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How to improve your h-index

The h-index measures a scientist’s productivity and overall impact. It is defined as the maximum number h such that h of a scientist’s Np papers have at least h citations each. In other words, a scientist with an h-index of 20 has at least 20 papers with at least 20 citations each. In our previous […]

How to write a methods section of a research paper

The methods section tries to describe all the constituents of the research design as a whole. It captures those techniques or procedures which the researcher has deployed to answer the research questions and resolve the hypothesis. The section explains the procedures used to collect data as well as the techniques for data analysis, among others. […]

How to write a conference paper

Writing a strong conference paper can be a demanding task that requires significant time and resources. But before delving into that, it is necessary to know exactly what a conference paper is. A conference paper is an article presented at a conference. Like journal articles, conference papers (or sometimes only their abstracts) are usually peer-reviewed […]

Research paper title page

The title page of a research paper is one page that provides a lot of information to readers of the paper. This explains why it is usually page number 1 in research papers. A glance through a research paper title page will provide you with vital details such as paper title, author name, affiliations, and […]

How to start a research paper

Research papers are one of the hurdles PG students must cross before their institutions award them the certificates they yearn for. Being scientific in nature, research papers must be presented in an organized and logical manner that should make them easy to scrutinize and replicate. This article offers some useful advice on how to start […]

A basic guide to writing a literature review

In this article, we provide a short guide for writing a literature review. If you’re interested in a tool that helps you write & organize your research literature, click here to read more about Avidnote. A literature review is a type of paper that encompasses a critical summary and analysis of the most important writings on a particular […]

How long does it take to write a 5-page paper?

How long it takes to write a 5-page paper (or any specific page count that you are aiming for) depends on several factors, including your writing process, style of writing, the time taken to research the topic, essay topic / given topic, the font type, number of body paragraphs, how much information you need to […]

Conference paper format

This post will discuss the topic of conference paper format and the typical section headings you need to have in your conference paper. It is important to remember that although we do cover some of the main points here, the format should follow whatever structure that has decided upon by the conference organizers. Make sure […]

What is a conference paper?

The word “conference” literally means” a meeting of two or more persons for discussing matters of common concern.” It is believed that the first use of the word was in 1527. But prior to the word’s emergence, humans have always met and discussed matters of common concern since time immemorial. Archeological findings have captured ancient […]

History research paper topics

History is a fascinating discipline that is usually a member of the faculty of arts in most universities and colleges. The historical method is a collective term for all the formal techniques and procedures through which history scholars research and present accounts of history. The method relies on both primary and secondary sources of information […]